Autoprefixer can be installed only via CLI like NPM or Yarn.


yarn add @stylify/autoprefixer

npm i @stylify/autoprefixer


Autoprefixer is composed from a Prefixes Generator and Prefixer.

Prefixes Generator takes a Compilation Result from the Compiler and generates all prefixes according to PostCSS configuration within the project.

Prefixer then takes the map with prefixes and merges it with selector properties.

// Prefixes server side pregeneration simulation
import { Compiler, nativePreset } from '@stylify/stylify';
import { PrefixesGenerator, Prefixer } from '@stylify/autoprefixer';

const content = '';

// ------- Build part (server side) -----
// 1. Compile content
let compilationResult = new Compiler(nativePreset.compiler).compile(content);

// 2. Create prefixes map
// The prefixes map is an object containing prefixes.
// You can save it as a json file ant use it later on.
const prefixesMap = new PrefixesGenerator().createPrefixesMap(compilationResult);

// ------- In the browser or SSR App -----
// 3. Add the following hooks
// Compiler receives CompilationResult as second argument, that can be empty but configured
// there is a hook onPrepareCssRecord, in which we add another hook onAddProperty
// this makes shure, that when a property is added, all related prefixes are added.
// See for more information about hooks.
const prefixer = new Prefixer(prefixesMap);
let compilationResult = new Compiler(nativePreset.compiler).compile(
    new CompilationResult({
        onPrepareCssRecord: (cssRecord) => {
            cssRecord.onAddProperty = (propertyName, propertyValue) => {
                return prefixer.prefix(propertyName, propertyValue);